It's Jazz Time


Hey everyone,

I was hoping that someone might have a boot of Marguerite? 

I'm willing to trade for/ buy it if you'd rather.

Thanks in advance,
Tricki :)

{Sorry for the x-posting}
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Perfect For You


Hi everyone, I just joined and thought I'd share a link to some Ruthie/Ruthie and Julian icons with you. It's a rather copious number, actually... haha

There are 111, but I had to split it into 2 because LJ had a bit of a fit...

Here we have:


[1-10] Helena Bonham Carter

[11] Rosemarie DeWitt

[12] Rosemarie DeWitt & Ron Livingston

[13-14] CSI: New York

[15-32] Inspector Lynley Mysteries

[33-38] Patti LuPone

[39-46] Helen Dallimore/& Kerry Ellis/& Oliver Tompsett

[47-50] Animated Ruthie Henshall {first animated icons ever - go easy! lol}

[51-97] Ruthie Henshall/Ruthie Henshall & Julian Ovenden

[98-111] Text/Cornwall/Scarborough


Part 1
Part 2
Hope you enjoy! Comments are love :)
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Newbie :)

I've just discovered Ruthie Henshall to tell the truth.  My high school is doing Les Miserables for our spring musical and when it started I thought I should no the plot before I was a part of it.  So I got a hold of the TAC of Les Miserables and pretty much fell in love with Fantine and Ruthie.  Ever sense I've searched youtube for clips and i've found a few good ones.  So here's one.  

Tinkerbell fairy

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Hey everyone! I'm a recently converted Ruthie fan, although I've loved her in Les Mis for like, 10 years without realising it. :)

Is this community still active??

It would be great to have an active community for Ruthie, as I don't think there are any others out there!

Nice to meet you all ♥

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Hi everyone, Sorry i haven't really updated in ages!!! But there isn't really much news about ruthie, except for the fact that she is going into 'Woman in White' in the West End, which sundragon has already told us about :)

In non ruthie related news, I have got a place at AMDA (American Music and Dramatic Academy) in New York, to do the musical theatre course-very exciting! So in October, I will be moving from England to New York- so if any of you live in or near New York, it would be great to meet up or something!

Hope everyone is well, and enjoying life in general :)
Lots of Love, Charlie xxx
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{les miserables} Jo Ampil as Fantine

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heehee :D

I just found out that I share Tim Howar's birthday ^^
That makes me sort of happy :)

Then it will be like, when Ruthie and Lily and the new baby are celebrating Tim's birthday, they are also partying for mine ;)